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We are a Russian manufacturer of effective chemical plant protection products and liquid mineral fertilizers for the entire cycle of agricultural production from the moment of seed treatment to harvest

The company has been successfully operating on the Russian market of plant protection products for more than 27 years and has a sales network in more than 50 regions of the country.

The driving force of the company is the introduction of new technologies and the continuous improvement of the control system and product quality, which is approved by foreign partners.

The company in numbers

million liters of finished products annually


more than 50 regions in the retail network


more than 100 items in the product line


year of foundation

Our production

We can be confident in the reliability and effectiveness of the pesticides produced by our own production base – the plant, the largest manufacturer of chemical fertilizers in Russia.

Company history
Production features

We use an integrated approach

Striving for improvements, we introduce new technologies into our work, master new methods, and bring all the results into a single system.

Keeping up with the times, we create all the conditions for the comfortable work of our clients.

Well-established production according to European standards:
  • a multi-stage process for the production of suspension concentrates, which allows you to create a balanced and stable preparation system;
  • automatic dosing of components to comply with the formulation and obtain a drug with the desired properties;
  • two-stage grinding on colloidal and bead machines allows you to obtain a drug with a narrow particle distribution and their size up to 10 microns, which increases the effectiveness of the active substance and increases the stability of the drug (reduces the possibility of stratification). The grinding quality is controlled by a laser particle size analyzer;
  • the viscosity of the product, which affects the stability during storage, is monitored on a high-precision rotary viscometer.
The preparations are produced on isolated production lines, which exclude contamination of the preparations with foreign active substances.
The production of preparations of the preparative form of BP and VGR is carried out with the use of water that has undergone multi-stage preparation.
This reduces the concentration of foreign ions, increasing the effectiveness of the drug.
The production of all preparations of different formulations is controlled by a laboratory equipped with high-precision analytical equipment, starting from the raw materials supplied to the plant to the finished product in the warehouse.

Professional support of culture at all stages of cultivation

The ability to supply products directly to the consumer throughout Russia

Packing in any container according to the customer's requirement

Developing your own recipes

Raw materials from the world's leading supplier companies

Trade net
40 warehouse complexes
23 regional representative offices
41 professional agronomist
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The company's services

To support customers, Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Company provides information and consulting support both on the website and in social networks, and with direct contact to our experts

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